Marshall County Highway Supervisor Getting Quotes for Pug Mill

The Marshall County Highway Department will be working toward getting a pug mill to save money on paving costs.

Supervisor of County Highways Jason Peters told the commissioners this week that they have been using Starke County’s pug mill and have patched roads with the stone, oil and sand mixture. Compared to a hot asphalt mix, having a pug mill will save the county thousands and thousands of dollars. He said the materials for other paving options are getting more expensive.

The pug mill is also capable of mixing calcium chloride or a different boost with the sand to help clear roads in the winter. He said the machine is capable of being used all year round.

Peters told the commissioners it would be convenient to have it on-site all of the time. Starke County would transport the equipment to the county for use.

Peters is still waiting for quotes and will present a list to the commissioners when they meet on Monday, Feb. 2.