Indiana Granted Approval for Health Reform Program

The state of Indiana received approval yesterday to use an updated version of the consumer-driven Healthy Indiana Plan instead of Medicaid.

The program is expected to offer healthcare to 350-thousand uninsured Hoosiers.

IU Health LaPorte Public Information Officer Stacey Kellogg says it affects their locations in a great way.

“This program will now enable those who kind of fell through the cracks, who are in that gap and kind of been waiting for this decision to happen, who may have lost their HIP coverage, to go back online, sign up, and get the coverage that they deserve and that they need,” says Kellogg.

IU Health says they simply need to update information they already have. The Family and Social Services Administration says they will be taking applications immediately with coverage beginning February 1st.

HIP 2.0 participants are required to contribute to a POWER account – which works similarly to a Health Savings Account – and are rewarded for using preventive care services.

Governor Mike Pence says the program is based on a similar program that has been used for the last seven years. Kellogg says they have a good relationship with the previous program.

“It’s a little too early to compare the two because the announcement has just been made, but for the most part, very responsive program and very successful for our patients,” says Kellogg.

The Healthy Indiana Plan also offers assistance to low-income residents to purchase private insurance through their employers.

Approval from the federal government effectively ends Medicaid for all non-disabled Indiana residents between 19 and 64.