Humane Society Urges Animal Safety In Cold Temperatures

Winter weather can pose a danger to your four-legged friends.

The Starke County Humane Society says that exposure to the elements should be limited and house pets should be brought indoors when possible.

Starke County Humane Society Director Shanna Lloyd says checking on your animal can prevent health problems.

“If they go outside, even right now just to go out in the yard for a little bit, they can get ice-balls stuck from snow in between their toes and they can actually get frostbite,” says Lloyd.

Animals remaining outside may require a few essentials such as consistent water, and cover from the wind such as a garage or outbuilding.

Although blankets can provide warmth indoors, they can retain moisture and create even colder temperatures for the animal when used outside. Instead, the Humane Society recommends using straw to provide a covering on the ground for the animals.

Lloyd says their operation sees quite a few strays during bad weather.

“We actually see more animals typically brought into the shelter during temperatures like this because people see them out and about,” says Lloyd.

To ensure animal safety, Lloyd also recommends tapping on the hood of your car to ensure cats have not crawled into the space for warmth.

If an animal is spotted outdoors without essentials, the Starke County Humane Society can be contacted for assistance.