Flu Season Affecting Starke County

The seasonal flu virus is circulating nationwide and the Starke County Health Department says there are a few things you can do to keep your family healthy.

Influenza is a respiratory virus that can lead to various symptoms such as a stuffy nose, coughing, and body aches according to the Centers for Disease Control. This year, a stronger strain of the Influenza A virus is spreading in the U.S.

Starke County Health Department Nurse Frank Lynch says they’ve seen a few cases of the Influenza A virus, but says the spread can be slowed.

“Don’t go to work, hard for people to do in this economy, they’ve got to work,” says Lynch. “Children, if they’re sick with the flu, keep them home from school.”

Washing your hands frequently and coughing into your sleeve can also prevent the virus from spreading. Children and the elderly are considered to be most prone to complications from the virus.

Lynch says there are benefits to a seasonal flu vaccine.

“It will help build a little bit of an immunity to some of those,” says Lynch. “Maybe not necessarily this particular strain of Influenza A that’s going around, but it will hopefully lessen your symptoms, and it’s the best chance you’ve got as far as trying to keep yourself from getting the flu.”

No deaths have been reported as being directly linked to influenza this year in Starke County.