File Your Taxes, Complete Your FAFSA

Income tax filing time means it’s also time to see where you stand in terms of need-based college financial aid for the 2015-16 academic year. Ancilla College Executive Director of Admissions Eric Wignall says you need to have family income information handy before visiting to fill out the necessary form. Last year’s tax information can be used to estimate, and this year’s data can be plugged in after taxes are finished.

Completing the FAFSA will determine what types of federal and state aid you qualify for based on your income. Wignall says anyone who thinks they may attend college in the coming year needs to complete a FAFSA. He stresses there is no age limit when it comes to financial aid. Find more information online at Ancilla College has several free college financial aid workshops scheduled in the coming weeks as well. Find a scheduled online at