Engineering Team Honored for High-Efficiency Furnace

A design team from a local company has been honored for their innovation in high efficiency oil-fired furnaces.

According to a release from the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, engineers from Thermo Products were recently inducted into the Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana.

Everett James and Michael Sharkozy were inducted among those in a seven county area, including Starke and Pulaski County.

The design team was nominated by the Economic Development Foundation as part of a challenge to develop a new furnace that is more efficient and doesn’t create carbon build-up.

The Thermo Products team created a furnace with an efficiency of 95-percent. That compares with the 87-percent efficiency of other oil furnaces. The press release says the furnace can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.

Thermo Products was founded in the 1940’s in Starke County, but was purchased by another company in the late 1990’s.

The society recognizes those they believe have proven themselves as innovators.