Donnelly Votes In Favor of Keystone XL, Supports Iran Sanctions

Indiana State Senator Joe Donnelly has voted to approve legislation that authorizes the Keystone XL Pipeline.

In a 62-36 vote, Donnelly says he’s pleased with the result. The move brings the legislation one step closer to the White House. The Senate bill will either need to be approved by the House of Representatives, or merged with a similar bill previously voted on.

Earlier this week, the Senate considered 18 amendments to the Keystone XL Pipeline bill. Donnelly’s votes were mixed on the amendments. He says this is how the Senate is supposed to work.

“We are able to see different amendments from different members on different aspects – whether it is on other pipelines, or other transportation systems connected to the pipeline,” says Donnelly.

Donnelly cosponsored several amendments, none of which were passed.

Indiana’s Democratic Senator, however, has also acknowledged his support for sanctions against Iran. Such a move has been denounced by the President.

Donnelly says he wants to wait until at least March 24th before making a move.

“Iran is an extraordinarily dangerous actor, not only in their region, but across the world,” says Donnelly. “We want to make sure that they are in a position where they cannot simply breakout and put together a nuclear weapon.”

Donnelly says if progress is not made, sanctions should be put back in place.