Dermody Files Sunday Alcohol Bill

The decision to allow discussion on the Sunday sale of alcohol in Indiana has been made.

State Representative Tom Dermody has not only decided to allow discussion, but he also authored a bill to allow for the sales. House Bill 1624 would permit Sunday alcohol carry-out between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The decision was announced a couple of weeks after Dermody said he needed time to consider allowing discussion on similar legislation. Dermody says not to mistake authoring his own bill for support.

“I haven’t decided to support the bill, I’ve decided to support the debate and discussion that’s been going on for years and it’s time once and for all to have the debate and vote on it either way,” says Dermody.

The bill still needs to be written in its final form before being presented to the Public Policy Committee Dermody chairs.

The LaPorte Republican says he will be working with package liquor stores, big box retailers, and listening to constituents while working on the legislation.

The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers said in a press release that changing public policy won’t be as easy as putting new hours on alcohol sales. Dermody says their primary concern is a lack of equal regulations.

“I have listened to them, been working with them, listening to their thoughts,” says Dermody. “Hopefully the amendment will address, make fairness across the board, as well as talking about: does it make sense to have Sunday alcohol sales, or not?”

No date for discussion has been set, but is anticipated to take place before the end of the session in April.

Dermody says he’s uncertain the legislation will pass, but is making plans to work with committee members prior to a vote taking place.