Culver Town Council Hears Wind Energy Language On First Reading

An ordinance that better defines when and where wind energy can be used in Culver went to first reading last night.

The Culver Town Council delayed the first reading after a public hearing at their last meeting. The decision was made after the council said they needed additional time to review the ordinance before making a decision.

Culver Building Manager Russ Mason says the proposed language restricts its usage and puts the Town more in line with Marshall County’s requirements.

“We’re outlawing them for all intents and purposes within town and to be fair to people that still need some means of generating electricity or pumping water or what have you, this is an alternative system that will allow that to be done,” says Mason.

Planning and Zoning officials in Culver have spent years developing the language. Even on first reading, public input continues.

Among the questions raised is the height of the structures themselves. Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says concerns about the height of the structures were addressed in rewrites of the ordinance.

“I think it’s come back maybe 20 feet shorter,” says Munroe. “I think it started at 140 at one point, I think it’s 120 now. But there is a base to consider – which minimum clearance between blade-tip and ground level of 30 feet.”

The matter will come back for a final reading at the Culver Town Council’s next meeting.