Culver Town Board to Reorganize, Update Town Manager Search

The Culver Town Council will be following suit and reorganizing itself during a regularly scheduled meeting, Tuesday.

Boards around the area have been reorganizing in accordance with state statute. The selection of a new board President and the reappointment of department positions are being carried out now that the November elections are over and board members have been seated for the New Year. Terms for the newly appointed positions can vary.

Mixed in among the meeting items is a continued search for a Town Manager.

Culver has been in the search process since former Culver Town Manager Dave Schoeff resigned in October of last year.

A consultant is being used in the hiring process. Culver had to extend its search process with interviews being conducted in December. According to previous reports, Culver has experienced difficulty keeping a Town Manager on for more than two years.

Tonight’s meeting at 6:30 p.m. Eastern.