Culver Town Board Re-elects Munroe In Reorganization

The Culver Town Council will have a very similar look after being reorganized on Tuesday night.

The council is required to select leaders under state statute. Ginny Bess Munroe was re-elected as the Culver Town Council’s President for another term. Munroe has served on the board for the last seven years.

She says her previous experience in the role affords her some confidence.

“Even if you have experience in this role, it’s different every week, you never know what you’re going to be doing,” says Munroe. “I’m excited about it, I have a lot of energy for it, a lot of passion for the town, and for the projects we’ve been working on the last several years.”

Last year, Munroe says she wanted to change how the Culver Town Council held their meetings, saying a long table may hinder discussions during meetings.

Munroe says additional work sessions can help with collaboration going forward.

“If you have a lot of work sessions, you can really study what you’re dealing with whether it’s a water plant project, or day-to-day operations at a town hall,” says Munroe.

Two new members recently elected to the Town Council attended their meeting on Tuesday.

Munroe was re-elected Culver Town Council President unanimously.