Culver Schools Take Step Toward New Buses

The Culver School Board has decided to prepare for the possibility that they may need some new transportation equipment.

During Monday night’s meeting, Trustees voted unanimously to advertise bids for new school buses. This is something the Culver School Corporation does on an annual basis in an effort to replace an aging bus fleet.

Culver Schools Superintendent Vicki McGuire says advertising is the first step in the process.

“The normal thing to do then is to go ahead and get approval from the school board in case we need to buy buses,” says McGuire.

The Culver Schools’ Transportation Director determines how many buses are needed each year.

Without trading out older vehicles, buses can cost the school corporation about $85-thousand. Costs are often lowered by making the trades.

Culver Schools Transportation Director Paul Widman says buses older than 12 years are required to go through additional inspections.

“They’re not really safe after 12 years,” says Widman There are a lot of malfunctions that go wrong with them more than there are with the newer ones.”

Advertising buses for Culver Schools was approved by the School Board unanimously.