Culver Plans to Put Building Permits Online

Plans are currently in the works to help ease the process for gaining a building permit in the Town of Culver.

During Tuesday night’s Culver Town Council meeting, representatives from Marshall County and Culver presented their designs to put the documents online. The move is part of a more comprehensive consolidation that will first require the Town of Culver to assimilate its building permits with Marshall County’s permits.

Marshall County Building Commissioner Chuck DeWitt says they don’t want to take over the Culver Plan Commission’s job.

“We understand and realize that there’s no better people, no one that’s closer to what the Town of Culver needs than the citizens here, so we would go ahead and enforce your zoning ordinances,” says DeWitt.

Permits are required for both land, exterior, and interior building projects. The change would give residents one central location to obtain a permit prior to construction.

Fee schedules would also change.

Still, if a project is not found to be in compliance, projects taking place inside Culver town limits would continue to be sent to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Plans to begin changing the process could start as soon as February.