College Success Coalition Looks to Improve Educational Access

Starke County organizations are being asked to help provide more students and adults access to higher education

The College Success Coalition is newly formed and is sending a steering committee to attend workshops in Plymouth. Starke County will join about 20 other Indiana counties for the sessions as they develop the coalition.

Elisabeth Smith with Purdue Extension says the College Success Coalition is seeking communitywide involvement.

“That might be, you know, hosting a workshop about the 529 plans or putting a flyer in the grocery bags at Five Star or Save-A-Lot that tell about college access,” says Smith.

Goals include greater access to technical training and apprenticeships.

Using data from Indiana’s Learn More Partnership, the coalition intends to apply recommendations to Starke County. The coalition says they are looking for organizations with access to youth, and who are able to provide them with learning opportunities.

Smith says if more youth have greater access to education; it could potentially lead to greater opportunities.

“If we have a higher skilled workforce available here in Starke County, we may bring in more job opportunities and increase the opportunities that come into our community,” says Smith.

According to a press release, member organizations will also implement college access activities to help Starke County students.

Tonight’s meeting for interested parties begins at 6:00 at the Starke County Economic Development Foundation Office.