Bill Could Disband Pulaski Superior Court

Legislation was recently filed in Indianapolis that could have implications for Pulaski County.

Senate Bill 58, if signed into law, would eliminate the Pulaski County Superior Court by January 1st, 2019. The bill would also remove certain appointment privileges in other counties. Pulaski County Board of Commissioners Chair Larry Brady says he was caught off-guard by the bill.

“At this time, I don’t think it’s necessarily feasible or required to do that, I need more information in regards to the bill itself and the actually need to eliminate the position of that department,” says Brady.

Research would still need to be done to determine if any cost savings could be seen, potentially benefiting Pulaski County’s budget. According to the bill’s brief, Pulaski County Circuit Court would take on additional responsibility once the Superior Court has ceased operations.

Superior Court Judge Patrick Blankenship could not be reached for comment.

Brady says the County Commissioners may have a limited role in any transition.

“There’s not much the commissioners can do in regards to reforms to schedule court appearances,” says Brady. “I’m not sure on the workload how much we would be involved.”

Brady continues to do research on the bill and has asked for additional information from Pulaski County’s state representatives. The bill would need to be approved before the session ends in April in Indianapolis.