4-H Enrollment Deadline Fast Approaching

Those interested in joining 4-H for the year have a few more days to do so.

4-H allows area students to join clubs and complete projects over the year in the hope they better develop skills in leadership and other activities. More than 70 different projects are available for students to learn and participate in.

Elizabeth Smith with Purdue Extension Starke County says the application asks a few basic questions, including which projects they want to complete, but some students may be uncertain.

“I would encourage them to maybe just put one project down and, if they want to look at them later and decide, then that’s absolutely fine and we encourage them to do that,” says Smith.

Parents would need to enroll their child in-person, or online by midnight on January 15th. To do so, there is a modest fee for students in 3rd through 12th grade.

The deadline has been set across the state and, according to Smith, exceptions aren’t really available.

She says students will meet new people by joining 4-H.

“They will learn things, they will learn those things that maybe they’re not learning in school, the fun things,” says Smith. “Then they truly will be offered things as they age, that aren’t offered in other places.”

4-H is often considered a generational activity. It serves more than six-million youth across the country.