Resources Available To Quit Smoking In New Year

Tomorrow may be the beginning of the New Year, but it can also be the beginning of some of those New Year’s resolutions.

Popular among those commitments is to quit smoking.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, kicking the habit can greatly reduce the risk of developing smoke-related diseases such as cardiovascular and cancer illnesses.

Multiple studies have shown tobacco to be a highly addictive substance, meaning smokers planning to go “cold turkey” have a few resources at their disposal. Among them is the Tobacco Quitline which is available to provide counseling services.

Area businesses could also be impacted by any smoking-related resolutions that are successfully completed. The annual cost burden in Indiana due to lost productivity from smoking is $2.6-billion according to the Indiana Department of Tobacco Prevention and Cessation.

Although a majority of smokers in the U.S. have said they want to quit smoking completely, smokers are still 2.5 (two-and-a-half) times more likely to quit smoking if they’re advised to do so by their healthcare professional.

The CDC says putting down the cigarette may require several attempts to be successful.