Motor Driven Cycle Laws Take Effect Soon

New laws for mopeds and scooters will take effect on January 1st in Indiana.

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles says the legislation for Motor Driven Cycles, as they’re called, requires owners to obtain a license endorsement and register the vehicles.

According to a press release, two different classes of license can be obtained to be in compliance when operating the devices.

Deputy Commissioner of Communications Josh Gillespie says the law requires registering the vehicle, and that can make things easier for both law enforcement and the vehicle owner.

“Part of the reason that this law exists is because there has been, especially with these vehicles, a rash of stolen vehicles over the years, and it’s made it very difficult for police and other law enforcement to track these vehicles down,” says Gillespie.

The legislation, House Bill 1342, was signed into law by Governor Mike Pence this year after slim approval in the state Senate.

Individuals who are 15-years of age or older, do not already have a valid state driver’s license, and who intend to drive on public roads are eligible to obtain a Class B endorsement.

After one of the problems received debate in Indianapolis, Gillespie says the law still allows people with suspended licenses to get around.

“You don’t necessarily need to have a valid driver’s license or a valid learner’s permit. Now it is a requirement to have those to drive them, but you can also have a valid identification card with a Motor Driven Cycle Endorsement,” says Gillespie.

Because BMV branches will be closed on New Year’s Day, MDC owners can begin registering their scooter or moped on Friday.

Some MDC drivers may need time to register their device, so the Indiana State Police will limit enforcement to warnings throughout January.

Traffic tickets will be issued in February.