BMV Reinstatement Relief Program Set to Expire

BMV LogoHoosiers with suspended drivers licenses have one more day to take advantage of the BMV’s Reinstatement Relief Program. It offers a 50 percent discount to those who qualify on reinstatement fees obtained before July 1, 2013 for operating a vehicle without insurance. The program began in July of 2014, and more than 14,300 customers have paid back more than $3.1 million in reinstatement fees since. Customers may login or create a account to check their eligibility. Reinstatement fees cannot be paid at license branches.

BMV officials advise participating customers may also have to complete other tasks before earning back their driving privileges. These may include providing proof of insurance, completing a driver safety program, paying court fees, or successfully passing a driver’s license written knowledge exam, driving skills exam or vision screening. Reinstatement fees incurred on or after July 1, 2013, and fees imposed by courts, are not included in this program.

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