Vocational Program’s Fate Hinges on Balanced Calendar Adoption

CalendarAt least one of the popular trade programs offered through the North Central Vocational Educational Cooperative could be in jeopardy as participating corporations weigh the pros and cons of a balanced school calendar. Kyle Elliott is instructor for the building trades program based at Culver Community High School. He says students from Knox and North Judson-San Pierre are also enrolled in the program. If the three schools are on different schedules, Elliott says it will put kids and parents in a really tough situation.

“Knox and North Judson are very heavily looking at that balanced calendar. We as a host site, I have a concern if we do not go that route that some of those kids may look at other avenues. There’s many great opportunities for our vocational kids. Knox is hosting their automotive, their welding and so-on. Those are programs their kids may decide to go that avenue and not partake in the building trades program here at Culver,” Elliott said.

Of the 22 students enrolled in building trades this year, three are from North Judson-San Pierre and seven are from Knox. Ellott says they are already working around the time zone difference between Starke and Marshall Counties.

“If we have a major change in the school calendar, now it may come down to whether they can even take it,” he said.

None of the corporations have voted yet to adopt a balanced calendar, but all are considering it.