Oversize Load to Travel Through Northern Indiana

INDOT-logo-150x131An oversize load traveling through northern Indiana the next five nights may snarl traffic in Porter, LaPorte, Starke and Marshall Counties as it passes through. The slow-moving, oversize, overweight load will have a police escort from the Port of Indiana to the Ohio border. INDOT advises short-term road closures will be necessary as it moves through the area. Motorists are urged to avoid the routes during the scheduled travel times.

Tonight’s trip starts on State Road 249 south to U.S. 12 east to State Road 49, back south to U.S. 6, east to U.S. 421 and back south to U.S. 30 east. It will stop for the night on U.S. 30 just east of U.S. 35.

Tomorrow’s route continues east on U.S. 30 into Marshall County, over the ramps at U.S. 31 and back onto U.S. 30 eastbound. The load will continue east on 30 to State Road 9 south on Saturday, onto State Road 124 east on Sunday and to the Ohio state line Monday.