Expert Offers Turkey Prep Tips

RoastTurkeyWithCranberryOrangeGlaze_710_376_s_c1_c_cAmericans will consume an estimated 736 million pounds of turkey tomorrow, according to the National Turkey Federation. Preparation methods vary and are largely a matter of personal preference. One that’s gained tremendous popularity in recent years is deep frying. Experts from the Butterball Turkey Tip Line offer suggestions to do so safely.

If you use an outdoor propane fryer, turn the gas off before putting the turkey into the oil in order to prevent fires. Also, make sure the turkey is completely thawed out and thoroughly dry before cooking it.

If you opt for the oven, put the bird in breast side up. When it comes to preparing the main dish for Thanksgiving dinner, experts say there is no right or wrong way when it comes to style. Your best bet is to stick with the traditions your family enjoys so the meal will “taste like Thanksgiving.”

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