Ancilla College Training Leaders for Life

Ancilla College LogoAncilla College students have an opportunity to hone their life skills through the Leaders for Life Program. Director of Student Events and Activities Ericka Taylor-Joseph says community and business leaders interact with the students during the 10-week program to help them develop skills in various areas. The Leaders for Life Program is open to both tradition and non-traditional students. Taylor-Joseph says leaders typically take initiative, are organized and outgoing and have a drive or passion to do something for the community.

The program begins with Leadership 101, which is an overview of what it means to be a leader. Other curriculum areas include how to plan and execute successful fundraisers, understanding and appreciating human differences and the balance between health and wellness and work. Conflict negotiation is also covered, as is how to serve on a board, ethics and values, group dynamics and communication styles. The curriculum wraps up with an etiquette lunch, during which participants learn what to do at a fancy dinner and how to present themselves appropriately.

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