Two Arrested after Providing False Information to Police

Two Plymouth residents were arrested on Saturday morning after allegedly lying to the police after an accident.

A Marshall County sheriff’s deputy was called to the scene on Glenn-Overmyer Drive where he talked to those involved in the accident. Miranda Smith, 19, told police that she didn’t realize that the vehicle in front of her stopped and she ran into the back of the car. Smith told the officer that two women left the other car and got into another car and left the area.

The officer spoke to Lori Lynn Delagillo who stated that she was driving the vehicle. Upon further investigation, Delagillo allegedly admitted that she lied and that Joshua Hanson was the driver of the vehicle. She also reportedly said that other passengers were in the vehicle but they left the scene.

The deputy spoke with Hanson who allegedly stated that he was under the influence of alcohol and asked Delagillo to say she was driving since she was sober.

Delagillo, 37, and Hanson, 32, were arrested and booked into the Marshall County Jail on a preliminary charge of false informing.