State Police Offer Harvest Season Driver Safety Tips

Motorists are sharing the road with large farm equipment has harvest season continues across northern Indiana. State police remind drivers some farm implements are wider than normal vehicles. Motorists may need to slow down, move over and possibly stop to give them room to pass.

Farmers are reminded to have all lighting and placards required by law on equipment and make sure any machinery parked along the road while in a field is visible at night. Avoid traveling on federal or state highways during peak travel times, and wear high visibility or reflective clothing when working in order to be seen by motorists and farm workers. State law requires vehicles being driven at a speed below the posted limit to move over to the right at the first opportunity to allow three or more vehicles following to safely pass.

Motorists should be patient when traveling behind farm equipment. When approaching from the opposite direction, pull as far to the right as possible and allow the equipment to pass. Be careful when approaching farm equipment parked on the side of the road, as someone may be getting in or out or performing maintenance. Also be extra vigilant on two-lane roads and around dusk when low light conditions make farm implements more difficult to see.