National Athletic Trainers Association Honors Plymouth Schools

Plymouth School CorpThe Plymouth Community School Corporation has received the Face Sports School Award from the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA). The award is given to schools who provide safe environments for student athletes, along with taking the initiative to provide the best level of care, injury prevention and treatment.

Many levels of criteria are necessary for the award. Action plans, meetings to be prepared, checking fields and equipment are all safety requirements. Plymouth Athletic Trainer Ryan Carroll says everyone involved made this award possible.

“We have all kinds of policies and protocols that we have to follow for things like head injuries or things that come up that we think might be heart conditions. Just the fact that our team doctors are involved our administrators are involved our safety and security personnel are involved and it’s just the cooperation of the whole corporation,” said Carroll.

Carroll added he is proud of the fact that this is not an individual award. Schools are only allowed to apply for the award every three years.