Plymouth City Council Acts on Ordinance to Vacate Allen Street

An ordinance to vacate Allen Street came before the Plymouth City Council on second and third reading when they met Monday evening. City Attorney Sean Surrisi told council members that some changes were made to the ordinance since the first reading.

Surrisi said one revision was cleaning up a street referenced from the last vacation they did that was used as a starting point for this ordinance. He said the memorandum of understanding that will be signed by all involved parties was also revised.

The request to vacate Allen Street first arose during a city council meeting in October of last year. According to meeting minutes, owners of Milten Properties LLC, Dr. Tod Stillson and James Stone came before the council, requesting that Allen Street, which runs from Jefferson Street behind Dr. Stillson’s current office, be vacated and have ownership passed over to them since they were putting their own money into maintenance. Continue reading