Commissioners Ratify Advertisement for County Engineer/Director

The Marshall County Commissioners ratified an action taken to expedite the process in hiring a county engineer/director for the highway position.

The county council last week approved an amended job description for the position. Since the advertisement for the position under the old job description already took place, a new advertisement needed to be done that spells out the new responsibilities.

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Governor Eric Holcomb Responds to Resignation Letter from Department of Child Services Director

On Friday, Governor Eric Holcomb’s press secretary released a statement regarding the resignation of Department of Child Services Director Mary Beth Bonaventura. However, another statement was sent out on Monday, following the release of Bonaventura’s resignation letter.

In his initial statement, Governor Holcomb announced that after learning of her resignation, he started the search for the next leader of the ‘critical state agency.’ He also commented saying how grateful he was to Bonaventura for her five years of service and unwavering commitment to the safety of Hoosier children in the midst of a growing opoid epidemic that has impacted so many families.

In her resignation letter, Bonaventura charges that the administration has systematically slashed funding to the agency as well as damaged relationships with foster parents, placement agencies and treatment centers, according to a report by Network Indiana’s John Herrick. Continue reading

Marshall County Commissioners Makes Change to Intergovernmental Agreement

The Marshall County Commissioners considered the intergovernmental agreement between Planning Director Ralph Booker and the City of Plymouth when they met Monday morning.

For years, the county has had an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Plymouth. The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety recently agreed to a contract where the county would be paid a certain amount for six months in 2018 and Booker paid another amount for the same six months in 2018 for services rendered. Booker is anticipating retirement from his county position in June of 2018 and following that the entire amount would go to Booker as he tentatively plans to stay with the city as the plan director. The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety members approved that agreement.

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Sheriff Gets Approval to Pursue Fingerprint Machine Purchase for Probation Department

Offenders who do not go through the booking process at the Marshall County Jail may soon be fingerprinted in the office of the probation department.

Sheriff Matt Hassel brought the recommendation before the Marshall County Commissioners Monday morning. He said he has been talking with the court about installing a new iTouch Biometrics fingerprinting machine in the probation office.

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Plymouth City Council Discusses Park Department Fee Schedule

The Plymouth City Council members reviewed the proposed park department fee ordinance when they met last week.

The park board approved the fee schedule two weeks ago. Park Superintendent Michael Hite noted that he meets with the executive board once a year to go over the fees. He said in 2011 there were increases, but lowered them in 2013 because a lot of the buildings were not rented because of the higher fees. He mentioned that the rates for 2018 are the same as 2017.

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Marshall County Students Recognized as Rising Stars for Outstanding Academic Achievement

A number of students from Marshall County schools made their way onto the Indiana Association of School Principals’ list of the Rising Stars of Indiana Class of 2019.

School officials from all across the state were encouraged to nominate up to four students currently in 11th grade based on academic achievement. Juniors from Argos, Bremen, Triton and Plymouth high schools were recognized for their hard work and dedication.

At Argos Sr. High School Brock Bucker, Kalei Carlton, Kendall Carnes and Alison Overmyer were nominated. Bremen Sr. High School nominated Jackson Barnes, Kaitlyn Cullers, Evan Manges and Kaelyn Shively to represent their school corporation. In Bourbon at Triton Sr. High School, juniors recognized for their academic performance included Thomas Arndt, Kathryn Nelson, Jenna Swihart and Joshua Taylor. Continue reading

Triton School Board Grants Permission to Advertise Bids for Building Project

The Triton Schools’ building project is getting closer to the construction phase. Triton School Board members granted permission to advertise bids for the project when they met last Tuesday night.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs estimated when some of the work would be started. She stated that the heating and cooling at the elementary probably won’t begin until the summer since they will still be in session. Continue reading

Habitat for Humanity House to be Built in Bremen

The Bremen Town Council members learned last week that volunteers with the Habitat for Humanity organization will be building a house with the occupant beginning in the spring of 2018.

According to Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy, officials with the organization bought land at 340 W. Water Street by the street department. They will be working with a family to help build the home.

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Plymouth City Council Discusses Agreement with Marshall County Council on Aging

The Plymouth City Council members last week reviewed an agreement with the Marshall County Council on Aging for 2018.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi explained that the agreement is unchanged from last year’s terms. It confirms the city’s contribution of $8,000 to help support the community cab program. The program is an effort by the county and the city to provide public transportation to residents.

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Culver Town Council Opens Bids for Equipment, Ambulance

The Culver Town Council members opened bids for surplus equipment at the street department and the ambulance during their meeting last week.

The highest bids were approved which included $2,900 for a 1999 leaf vac machine, $2,500 for the 1964 grader, $150 for the 1993 Patchman trailer, $1,500 for the 2000 Ford F-150, and $1,500 a 2000 Leeboy 300 roller. Utility Superintendent Bob Porter was pleased with the bids as they came in higher than he expected.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Mike Delp, Kevin Overmyer, Kurt Garner

The Marshall County Commissioners will discuss the intergovernmental agreement with Planning Director Ralph Booker and the City of Plymouth when they meet this morning. The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety members approved the agreement and contract with Booker during their meeting on Monday, Dec. 11. A lengthy discussion concerning a code enforcement employee was held during the Marshall County Council meeting on Monday, Dec. 11.

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Plymouth BOW Considers Request to Block Parking Spaces

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety members considered a request from the management at the Brass Rail restaurant in the downtown area to block parking spaces to the north of the building on Washington Street.

The owners plan to remodel the dining area of the establishment and need the parking spaces for dumpsters. The request was to block the parking spaces from Tuesday, Jan. 2 until Saturday, Jan. 20.

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Culver-Union Township Fire Department to Upgrade Lighting

New lighting will be installed at the Culver-Union Township Fire Department.

Fire Chief Terry Wakefield told Culver Town Council members this week that he’s been working for a long time to update the lighting to include LED lights. He said the cost for the 51 lights needed for the project is $7,896.30. NIPSCO will review the work and reimburse the town $80 per light. He said it works with the lighting package they have through NIPSCO.

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