Culver School Board Receives Update on Stellar Communities Project

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist presented an update on the Stellar Communities application to the Culver Community School Board that involves school grounds.

Improvements on a field behind the corporation office and improvements at the baseball fields are included in this year’s application. Leist said site control and which entity would be in charge of funding was brought up in last year’s process. Leist said he thinks he has found a solution and brought the idea to Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell.

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Argos School Board Approves Administration Hires

The Argos Community School Board approved the appointments and hires of several staff members this week.

Rebecca Vamos was appointed as the elementary principal after serving in the interim position since the start of the second semester this year. The contracts of Nick Medich as the junior/senior high school principal and Dean of Students/Athletic Director Jon Alcorn were renewed for one year. Charles Nettrouer was also appointed as the director of maintenance, building and grounds on a one-year contract.

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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Quit Claim Deed

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Mike Delp, Kevin Overmyer, Kurt Garner

James and Jean Klinedinst can now stop paying taxes on lake water now that all of the legal paperwork is complete.

County Attorney James Clevenger explained that the pair appeared before the commissioners a few years ago asking the commissioners to take back part of the property that they’ve been paying taxes on that is deeded in Kreighbaum Lake. It was found that they had been paying property taxes on 18 acres of the lake. Traditionally, all bodies of water in the county are owned by the local governing body, but somehow a mistake occurred and the Klinedinsts have been paying taxes on that portion of the lake for years.

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Plymouth Hero Assists Incapacitated Driver

A Plymouth man is credited with taking the effort to take the wheel from an incapacitated driver in a time of a medical emergency Tuesday morning.

According to the Plymouth Police Department, Dan Sutton, 27, observed the driver of a vehicle begin to convulse as the victim’s car crossed the intersection of Jefferson Street and Oak Road and aimed for the cars behind him.

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Plymouth Redevelopment Commission to Move Forward with Renovation Project

Plymouth City Building

The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission held a public hearing last night to gather opinions on the proposed city building renovation project.

The project includes construction of improvements and expansion of the city office at 124 N. Michigan Street including the clerk-treasurer’s office, mayor’s office, city attorney’s office and the council chambers.

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Argos School Board Considers Bond Issue for Capital Projects

The Argos Community School Board is looking to get a General Obligation Bond in order to complete several capital projects.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Robert Boyd said the bond would be for $2 million.

“The board is entertaining a proposal that would allow the corporation to infuse some cash into its General Fund operation and to take care of some capital needs that need to be done in terms of boilers for the facility as well as parking lot repairs.”

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Bridge 81 Construction Bid Letting Delayed

The work on getting paperwork done for the upcoming bridge replacement project on Hickory Road continues with various reports conducted by engineering firm DLZ.

Laurie Johnson from DLZ told the Marshall County Commissioners this week that the archaeological report is complete and approved by INDOT and no project impediments have been identified on the grounds. Title work for the mitigation site has been received and the permit for waterway construction will be reviewed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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Culver School Board Approves Technology Contract

Students in the Culver Community School Corporation will be using Apple iPads in the sixth year of the One-to-One Computer Initiative.

Technology Director Daniel Medesi said students in grades seven through 12 will be able to take their computers home while the addition of users in the third through sixth grades will leave theirs at the school. Kindergarten through second grade students will get to use the 10 iPads available in each classroom.

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John Glenn School Board Approves Additional Appropriation

The John Glenn School Board held a public hearing last night in order to take action on an additional appropriation resolution and ordinance for the debt service fund.

Business Manager Tom Bendy explained that items were purchased with the common school loan. The final portion of the funding was spent in November of last year and once that is done, a schedule is sent to the corporation on repayment. That revenue was not in the 2017 budget to be spent. Bendy said the Department of Local Government Finance said the revenue portion was able to be put into the budget, but could not change what was advertised for the budget in October. The additional appropriation would allow the corporation to make the payment in June.

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Culver Town Council to Hear Public Input on Housing Project

The Culver Town Council will be opening up a public input session for discussion of the Sand Hill Farms workforce housing development project.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist explained that the project has been in the town’s comprehensive plan since the plan’s adoption in 2014. The lack of housing was identified as one of the main issues in the plan. Leist said a committee was formed to look into the project.

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Culver Amphitheater Crowdfunding Effort Underway

It was announced Monday morning that the Town of Culver is part of a crowdfunding campaign to gather funds to build an amphitheater in the Culver Town Park.

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) is partnering with the town in this effort where the agency will match $30,000 if the town can raise $30,000 toward the project. The town has until June 30 to round up donations. About a third of it has been collected so far.

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Shady Rest to go Back into County Hands

The Shady Rest Home will be going back to the Marshall County Commissioners as new regulations cannot be reconciled between the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services and the Bowen Center, according to Kurt Carlson from the Bowen Center.

“There were some regulations that were part of the Division of Aging under which the Bowen Center operated Shady Rest that were in direct opposition to some of the patient rights,” explained Carlson. “For instance, residents under the POCO regulations had the right to eat what they wanted, when they wanted and where they wanted. Under the Division of Aging standards, you have to have dietician approved menus with food served at specified times. That was irreconcilable. We decided that there really wasn’t going to be an approval for a waiver.”

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Culver School Board Hires New Dean of Students

The Culver Community School Board Monday night approved the hire of Mike Zehner as the new corporation Dean of Students.

Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell said that Zehner has been with the corporation for a year and feels that his move to administration is the best fit for the school as a whole. He will be taking the place of Julie Berndt who is moving to the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation as the new elementary school principal.

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Bourbon Town Council Working with Property Owners on Issues

The Bourbon Town Council is working with a property owner of a dilapidated building to get it cleaned up.

According to Clerk-Treasurer Kimberly Berger, the property at 513 Center Street is in need of work and they are attempting to get something worked out with the owner. If a compromise cannot be reached, the town will go in and do the work and file a tax lien for payment.

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Plymouth Redevelopment Commission to Hold Public Hearing

Plymouth City Building

The City of Plymouth Redevelopment Commission will meet tonight to hold a public hearing on the economic development project including the construction of improvements and expansion of the city office.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi previously explained that renovations will be made to the clerk-treasurer’s office to improve customer relations and staff productivity. The city plans to purchase the adjacent chamber of commerce building and remodel the second floor to accommodate an expansion of room for the city council chambers and conference space. In the same project, the mayor’s office and his assistant’s office will be moved upstairs in the city building. An elevator and staircase will be added.

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John Glenn School Board to Meet Tonight

John Glenn School Board

The John Glenn School Board will hold a public hearing tonight on an additional appropriation resolution and ordinance for the debt service fund.

During the April 18 meeting, Business Manager Tom Bendy told the school board that the additional appropriation is for a loan taken out a year ago. Bendy said a payment schedule was sent in January and the money wasn’t in the budget. According to Bendy, the Department of Local Government Finance is able to add in the revenue but can’t change the appropriation amount published. The appropriation of $36,907 would enable the school corporation to make the common school loan transfer payment which is due in June.

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Two Arrested after Search Warrant

Two Plymouth residents were arrested Monday morning after several police agencies executed a search warrant at a residence.

Officers from the Marshall County Drug Task Force, Plymouth Police Department, Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, Starke County Sheriff’s Department and Indiana State Police executed the warrant at 715 Pennsylvania Avenue after an extensive investigation.

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