Oversize Load to Travel Through Northern Indiana

INDOT-logo-150x131An oversize load traveling through northern Indiana the next five nights may snarl traffic in Porter, LaPorte, Starke and Marshall Counties as it passes through. The slow-moving, oversize, overweight load will have a police escort from the Port of Indiana to the Ohio border. INDOT advises short-term road closures will be necessary as it moves through the area. Motorists are urged to avoid the routes during the scheduled travel times. Continue reading

Marshall County Commissioners, Attorney to Review Jail Healthcare Contract

The Marshall County Commissioners and the county attorney will be reviewing the contract with jail’s health care service provider when they meet again on Monday, Nov. 17.

Quality Correctional Care sent Sheriff Tom Chamberlin an agreement and it was then forwarded to County Attorney Jim Clevenger for a four year term. The current one-year contract expires on Dec. 31 of this year. The contract calls for a $153,000 contract price which will be good during each of the four years. That price would be reassessed if the county agrees to renew this agreement in 2019, although the county would review services annually.

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Indiana DOE Releases School Grades

The Indiana Department of Education released the A-F grades for all schools in the state on Wednesday. The release of the grades was delayed after the State Board of Education had received appeals from several schools.

Locally, Plymouth High School received an A, along with Argos High School and Argos Elementary School, Bremen High School, Riverside Intermediate School, Jefferson Elementary School, and Laville Elementary School.

The Washington Discovery Academy received a grade of C, Triton Jr./Sr. High School and the elementary school got a B, Lincoln Jr. High School got a C, Bremen Elementary/Middle School received a C, and Laville Jr./Sr. High School got a C.

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Chamberlin Returns as Marshall County Sheriff

Republican Tom Chamberlin will be returning as the Marshall County Sheriff for another four year term. He handily won the race over Independent Tisha Jacobson-Maher. The vote count was 7009-1205.

The Marshall County Council will have a new member in Republican Bill Githens. He ran unopposed in the District 2 race. The other council candidates were unopposed and they will be returning to the council: current council president Republican Matthew Hassel in District 1, Republican Don Morrison in District 3 and Republican Judith Stone in District 4.

Jack Roose opted not to run for another term in the County Commissioner District 1 seat so that position will be going to Republican Kurt West Garner for the next four years. He will join current commissioners Kevin Overmyer and Deb Griewank.

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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Vehicle Purchase for Sheriff’s Department

Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin requested the purchase of four new vehicles for the department with delivery after the first of the year.

“I would like to get an okay to start ordering the vehicles for delivery. One would be delivered in January and the other three in February. Right now they’re about six weeks out if you start ordering and as Fall comes of course the orders will continue to build and delivery dates will be shoved back. We are hoping to get the vehicles out on the road by April or May. We have to schedule the vehicles with our vendor that puts in all of the equipment,” said Chamberlin.

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Polls are Open for General Election

Today is Election Day! The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time.

You need to have a legal ID in order to cast your important vote at the polls. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be open during the time the polls are open. License branches will only process new, amended or replacement ID cards, and renewed, amended or replacement driver’s licenses, learner permits, and CDLs. Aside from disability placards, the branches will not perform any other BMV services today only.

The Marshall County Clerk’s office reported 1,635 total absentee votes.

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Vocational Program’s Fate Hinges on Balanced Calendar Adoption

CalendarAt least one of the popular trade programs offered through the North Central Vocational Educational Cooperative could be in jeopardy as participating corporations weigh the pros and cons of a balanced school calendar. Kyle Elliott is instructor for the building trades program based at Culver Community High School. He says students from Knox and North Judson-San Pierre are also enrolled in the program. If the three schools are on different schedules, Elliott says it will put kids and parents in a really tough situation. Continue reading

General Election 2014 Polling Places

Polls are open from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. local time

Check your precinct location by clicking here: https://indianavoters.in.gov/PublicSite/Public/FT1/PublicLookupMain.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

Marshall County 2014 General Election Polling Places

BOURBON 1 & 2 – Triton High School 100 Triton Dr. Bourbon
CENTER 1 & 2 – National Guard Armory 1220 W. Madison St. Plymouth
CENTER 3 & 4 – Knights of Columbus 901 E. Jefferson St. Plymouth
CENTER 5 & 6 – Plymouth Baptist Church 11345 9A Road Plymouth
CENTER 7 & 8 – REMC Auditorium 11299 12th Road Plymouth
GERMAN 1 – Lake of the Woods Community Building 8745 N. Shore Dr. Bremen
GERMAN 2 – Bremen Missionary Church 2958 Elm Rd. Bremen
GERMAN 3, 4 & 5 – Bremen High School 511 W. Grant St. Bremen
GREEN – United Methodist Church 570 N. Michigan St. Argos
NORTH 1, 2 & 3 – LaPaz Community Building 400 Hudson St. LaPaz
POLK 1 & 2 – Tyner Fire Department 4836 French St. Tyner
TIPPECANOE – Tippecanoe Community Center 18411 SR 331 Tippecanoe
UNION 1 & 2 – Culver Depot 615 E. Lakeshore Dr. Culver
WALNUT 1 & 2 – United Methodist Church 570 N. Michigan St. Argos
WEST 1, 2, 3 – Pretty Lake Trinity Church Fellowship Hall 8985 S. SR 17 Plymouth
& West/City of Plymouth

Today is the Last Chance to Vote Absentee

Today is the last chance for you to vote absentee in this year’s General Election.

The clerk’s offices in Starke County, Pulaski County and Marshall County will be open from 8 a.m. to noon local time to give you an opportunity to cast your important vote.

As of Friday afternoon, the Marshall County Clerk’s office reported 1,451 total absentee votes which includes mail-in, walk-in and travel board tallies while Pulaski County had 475 walk-in votes.

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Culver School Board Has Decision to Make

The Culver Community School Board has a decision to make tonight on whether to switch their 2015-2016 schedule to the balanced calendar. They will meet right after the public forum being held in the Culver Community High School auditorium. Rochester School Corporation Superintendent Janna Vance, plus a principal and a teacher from the corporation will be there to talk about being on a balanced schedule. That begins at 6 p.m. ET.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

The Marshall County Commissioners will receive updates on three major construction projects when they meet this morning.

Bart Trester from USI will have status updates on the 7th Road construction project, the Metronet project and the Jefferson Street Bridge rehabilitation project.

The commissioners approved paperwork at their last meeting to call sections of the Metronet project substantially complete. Supervisor of County Highways Jason Peters told WKVI News last week that Beer and Slabaugh is working on the east end of the Jefferson Street bridge and that road should be open at the end of next week.

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Triton Superintendent Talks about Fight for Public Schools

The Triton School Superintendent held a public presentation Thursday night to discuss the status of funding for public schools.

“The money that we used to get we no longer get,” stated Donna Burroughs. “Triton, for instance, is receiving $1.7 million less in 2014 than we received in 2004. Everyone knows that the cost of everything is going up so it’s making it very difficult for our schools to maintain programs and staffing as it has been in the past.”

Donna Burroughs added that the biggest catalyst in the lack of funding is the state takeover of the General Fund which pays salaries, insurance and operating costs.

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Operation Quiet Comfort Prepares to Spread Holiday Cheer

Christmas stocking care packages will be sent to military members serving overseas this year thanks to Operation Quiet Comfort of Marshall County. They are asking for $10 donations to fill stockings with a beef stick, granola bar, hand and toe warmers, a pair of white socks, assorted seasonal goodies and special written holiday cards from members of the nonprofit organization. Continue reading

Early Morning Fight Lands Man in Jail

Larry W. Baltes
Larry W. Baltes

Formal charges are pending against the man accused of hitting and biting another man at a Bremen residence early this morning. Officers from the Marshall County Police Department responded to 1426 Jute Road in Bremen at 12:43 a.m. for a report of a fight in progress. A man told them Larry W. Baltes, 40, had hit him in the face and bitten his upper thigh. The victim refused medical treatment, according to a news release. Baltes was arrested on preliminary charges of battery resulting in moderate injury, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Russell Prosser Convicted in Marshall County Trial

A Marshall County jury convicted a defendant on several charges in a two-day trial in Marshall County Superior Court.

The jury members deliberated over three hours and found Russell Prosser guilty on one count of possession of stolen property, one count of resisting law enforcement, four counts of unauthorized entry of motor vehicles and four counts of theft of items found in those vehicles.

Prosser was arrested on Dec. 9, 2013 after he had stolen items out of cars from a number of Culver residents the previous evening. He also led police in a foot pursuit. He was apprehended the next day after he was found sleeping in his truck in the McDonald’s parking lot in LaPaz.

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Ancilla College and Local Businesses Team up for Student Internships

Ancilla College is offering students hands on training and real life experience internship opportunities with local businesses. Students will have the chance to go out and work in positions they are interested in to see if they like it. Ancilla College Professor Kristin Korcha says the college is taking the right steps to help students figure out their career path.

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Humane Society Director Offers Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Tonight’s Halloween trick-or-treating raises safety concerns for homeowners with pets. Starke County Humane Society Director Shanna Lloyd says trick-or-treating is fun for the kids but can be dangerous for your pets.

“Our pets unfortunately get very frightened not only by the noise but by the costumes and when the door is opened long enough for your dog or your cat to escape then they are surrounded by kids they don’t know. So they will go and they’ll run and they’ll hide. They’ll get up under vehicles. They’ll go into sheds and unfortunately sometimes they run so far away from home you may not be able to find them again,” said Lloyd

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