Triton Superintendent Talks about Fight for Public Schools

The Triton School Superintendent held a public presentation Thursday night to discuss the status of funding for public schools.

“The money that we used to get we no longer get,” stated Donna Burroughs. “Triton, for instance, is receiving $1.7 million less in 2014 than we received in 2004. Everyone knows that the cost of everything is going up so it’s making it very difficult for our schools to maintain programs and staffing as it has been in the past.”

Donna Burroughs added that the biggest catalyst in the lack of funding is the state takeover of the General Fund which pays salaries, insurance and operating costs.

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Operation Quiet Comfort Prepares to Spread Holiday Cheer

Christmas stocking care packages will be sent to military members serving overseas this year thanks to Operation Quiet Comfort of Marshall County. They are asking for $10 donations to fill stockings with a beef stick, granola bar, hand and toe warmers, a pair of white socks, assorted seasonal goodies and special written holiday cards from members of the nonprofit organization. Continue reading

Early Morning Fight Lands Man in Jail

Larry W. Baltes
Larry W. Baltes

Formal charges are pending against the man accused of hitting and biting another man at a Bremen residence early this morning. Officers from the Marshall County Police Department responded to 1426 Jute Road in Bremen at 12:43 a.m. for a report of a fight in progress. A man told them Larry W. Baltes, 40, had hit him in the face and bitten his upper thigh. The victim refused medical treatment, according to a news release. Baltes was arrested on preliminary charges of battery resulting in moderate injury, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Russell Prosser Convicted in Marshall County Trial

A Marshall County jury convicted a defendant on several charges in a two-day trial in Marshall County Superior Court.

The jury members deliberated over three hours and found Russell Prosser guilty on one count of possession of stolen property, one count of resisting law enforcement, four counts of unauthorized entry of motor vehicles and four counts of theft of items found in those vehicles.

Prosser was arrested on Dec. 9, 2013 after he had stolen items out of cars from a number of Culver residents the previous evening. He also led police in a foot pursuit. He was apprehended the next day after he was found sleeping in his truck in the McDonald’s parking lot in LaPaz.

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Ancilla College and Local Businesses Team up for Student Internships

Ancilla College is offering students hands on training and real life experience internship opportunities with local businesses. Students will have the chance to go out and work in positions they are interested in to see if they like it. Ancilla College Professor Kristin Korcha says the college is taking the right steps to help students figure out their career path.

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Humane Society Director Offers Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Tonight’s Halloween trick-or-treating raises safety concerns for homeowners with pets. Starke County Humane Society Director Shanna Lloyd says trick-or-treating is fun for the kids but can be dangerous for your pets.

“Our pets unfortunately get very frightened not only by the noise but by the costumes and when the door is opened long enough for your dog or your cat to escape then they are surrounded by kids they don’t know. So they will go and they’ll run and they’ll hide. They’ll get up under vehicles. They’ll go into sheds and unfortunately sometimes they run so far away from home you may not be able to find them again,” said Lloyd

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Jefferson Street Bridge Work Continues

Work on the Jefferson Street bridge in Plymouth is nearing completion.

Crews from Beer and Slabaugh have finished the west end of the bridge and the east end is about half done. Marshall County Supervisor of Highways Jason Peters told WKVI News that less work needs to be done on the east side of the bridge.

Construction is being done to reinforce the sidewalk along the bridge and to reinforce the corners of the bridge to alleviate stability issues. Once all of the repairs are done, the crews will reseal the deck.

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Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

With Halloween trick-or-treating tomorrow evening, parents are urged to consider safety tips before children leave the house.

Keep costumes short to prevent children from tripping and falling. Add reflective tape to dark costumes to keep children visible at night. Children are encouraged to wear make-up instead of wearing a mask for better safety.

Children should stop at familiar homes and remind them to not enter a stranger’s home or car. Only trick-or-treat at homes will outdoor lights illuminated. If they will be out after dark, give them a flashlight and suggest they travel in well-lit areas.

Children should not eat candy until parents inspect each piece.

Motorists are reminded they should do their part to make Halloween safe for children. Drive cautiously and below the speed limit while in town during trick-or-treat hours. Excited children may dart out into traffic at any time. Turn on your headlights even during the daylight hours so your vehicle is more visible to children.

Overseas Military to Receive Holiday Gifts

Christmas stocking care packages will be sent to soldiers overseas this year thanks to Operation Quiet Comfort of Marshall County. You can assist in the effort by making a donation to help fill a stocking. With your donation each stocking is filled with a beef stick, granola bar, hand and toe warmers, a pair of white socks, assorted seasonal goodies and special written holiday cards from members of Operation Quiet Comfort. If you are interested in donating visit

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Plymouth Man Arrested on Suspicion of Child Molestation

A Plymouth man is accused of child molesting after a report was made about an incident involving a teenager.

On Sunday, Oct. 26, Plymouth City Police Department officers received a complaint of sexual activity between a 20-year-old man and a 13-year-old female, according to a news release. Police say during the course of the investigation, information revealed that two sexual encounters took place at a location in Plymouth on Monday, Oct. 6 and on Saturday, Oct. 11.

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One Arrested after Moped Accident in Marshall County

A man was arrested in Marshall County on Sunday after a moped accident.

A deputy from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene at 13th Road near Nataka Trail where they found Dylan D. Craft who was involved in an accident while driving his moped.

The deputy noted that Craft was intoxicated and alcoholic beverage containers were located by the wrecked moped, according to a press release from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department. Craft was transported to the Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in Plymouth for his injuries.

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Culver Fire Department Getting New Fire Truck

The Culver Fire Department will be getting a new squad truck to start off the new year. Every five years the fire department sells the oldest vehicle in their fleet and purchases a new one. The new truck is expected to be just over $300,000. The town will pay $151,455 out of the General Fund while the fire department has plans to set $20,000 aside for each of the next five years to pay that back. The township will pay the remaining balance of the new truck. Culver Fire Chief Terry Wakefield explains the payment assistance from the town and the township .

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WKVI to Air Live Election Results

In less than a week voters will go to the polls for the general election. WKVI will provide live anchored coverage of election returns on Tuesday, Nov. 4th. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. local time. Results and complete coverage will begin after the news at 5 p.m. CT. WKVI reporters will be in Starke and Pulaski counties to gather information and interviews with candidates. Election results will also be given from Marshall County.

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Fire Crews Respond to Grain Dryer Fire

Plymouth fire crews responded to a grain dryer fire last night on Juniper Road.

According to Assistant Fire Chief George Cook, the dryer on the silo became clogged with corn and caused the dryer to combust. Firefighters had to cut out the dryer and evacuate some corn in order to put out the fire.

The estimated damage was unknown.

Firefighters were on the scene for two hours with a tanker truck, rescue truck, an ambulance and an engine truck.

Ancilla College Offers Free Tuition to Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Ancilla College is rewarding high school students who finish at the top of their class. Beginning in 2015, Ancilla College will be offering full tuition scholarships to the top high school graduates from schools in 10 north-central Indiana counties. Ancilla’s Val-Sal Scholarship offers free full-time tuition, as much as $13,500 each year, to local graduates who attend Ancilla.

Local salutatorians, traditionally students who graduate second in their class, will be offered up to $10,000 in free tuition. Ancilla College Professor Kristin Korcha says starting your college career at Ancilla can be very beneficial.

“To stay local and to really start your education here with us is just fantastic. Having worked in this community for over ten years in teaching I see firsthand how important it is to really get to know your professors, small class sizes, you can commute and save money from having the tuition and then also being able to have the chance to save up so that when you get ready for your four year school you can just transfer there,” said Korcha.

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