Culver Business Plans Expansion

The Culver City Council acted upon a request to declare an area as an economic revitalization area.

The owner of LK Wood Products and Marshall County Economic Development Corporation Director Jerry Chavez gave the council members an idea about an expansion project at the facility on Mill Street. The company is seeking a tax abatement to invest millions of dollars in expanding the technology at the plant. More jobs will be created as a result of the upgrade in equipment.

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Plymouth Street Department to Look into Replacing Stop Lights

Several traffic lights in Plymouth are causing concern to Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt.

The Plymouth Board of Works and Safety members learned that most of the lights in the city are antiquated and parts are becoming scarce to repair stop lights that malfunction. The controllers and systems need to be updated. About $75,000 has been budgeted for the project this year and a prioritized list will be created to complete that work.

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County Council Approves Community Corrections Salary Ordinance Amendment

Marshall County Community Corrections Director Ward Byers requested a salary ordinance amendment to bring all of the case managers within the same hourly wage.

Byers asked the Marshall County Council members to consider the pay equity request of $23.07 an hour as discussed with the personnel committee.

“This position fell behind a bit in its hourly rate of pay solely because it is not grant funded,” said Byers. “We were able to acquire that hourly rate of pay with the State of Indiana through the grant. We’re simply asking that this case manager, who is paid out of the project income fund, or user fees and not tax dollars of any kind, be brought up to the same pay rate.”

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Culver Town Council to Review Stellar Communities Responsibilities with CRC

The Culver Town Council members will decide how to split up responsibilities concerning the duties surrounding work for the Stellar Communities application when they meet with the Culver Redevelopment Commission next week.

Assignments will also need to be divided among the panel if the town is awarded the distinction of being a Stellar Community.

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Triton School Board Accepts Vehicle Donation, Discusses Building Projects

Horsepower has sweetened the deal for Triton High school students to attend classes this year.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs said the school board accepted a donation Monday night as part of this year’s perfect attendance prize.

“We accepted an automobile gift from a local automotive dealer who has given us a car to give away to a high school student who has perfect attendance,” announced Burroughs. “That will be given away at the end of the school year, right before they do finals.”

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Two Charged in Dealing Methamphetamine, Stolen Hand Guns Found

Two are in jail after methamphetamine and cocaine were reportedly found in a vehicle during a traffic stop.

According to Sgt. Trent Stouder of the Bremen Police Department, he pulled over a vehicle on Sunday, March 5 for a traffic violation where the drugs were found during a search of the vehicle. Police say three ounces of methamphetamine and three grams of cocaine were found, along with a handgun reported stolen in Angola.

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Marshall County Council Supports Reestablishing Cumulative Capital Development Fund Maximum Point

The Marshall County Council voted unanimously to support the commissioners in their quest to reestablish the Cumulative Capital Development Fund to the maximum point.

Commissioner Kurt Garner said the fund will mostly assist the highway department in annual equipment costs.

“We should be somewhere around $320,000 of the estimated $412,000 that we would have in addition,” explained Garner. “We’ll be using about three-quarters of that amount that’s coming in by shifting this equipment cost over to that.”

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Plymouth BOW Approves New Downtown Parking Restriction

A street in the downtown area will now have a parking restriction as approved by the Plymouth Board of Public Works last night.

Business owner, Pamela Mahler Lee, submitted a request asking that Water Street between Garro and Washington Streets have a parking restriction on the west side. According to Lee, it’s difficult for patrons to easily park with easy access to the three stores in that area as city employees, and store owners with businesses on Michigan Street take up those parking spots for the majority of the work day.

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Culver Town Council to Review Stellar Communities Application

The Culver Town Council members will review the town’s Stellar Communities application when they meet tonight.

The council appealed to residents last month to complete a survey. The survey asked participants to see which projects would be important in making significant changes to the community, what can be done to entice people to come to Culver, and tools to help boost the local economy. The survey results were due March 1.

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Marshall County Council to Meet Today

The Marshall County Council will entertain a plea by Commissioner Kurt Garner this morning concerning the Cumulative Capital Development Fund.

Garner stated last week that he would be before the council at this meeting to ask for a resolution in support of the reestablishment of the Cumulative Capital Development Fund. Taxes generated by this fund will help gather money to support county departments in purchasing needed equipment.

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Property Owners Repeat Request for Deed Clarification

James and Jean Klinedinst don’t want to pay property taxes on water.

The pair, who live along Kreighbaum Lake, have been paying property taxes on approximately 18 acres of the lake and want to give that back to the county. All bodies of water in the county are traditionally owned by the local governing body, but somehow the Klinedinst’s deed shows they “own”part of Kreighbaum Lake and have been paying taxes on that portion of the lake for years.

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Plymouth Board of Works and City Council to Meet Tonight

Members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety will meet tonight to award a quote for a new truck chassis with a dump bed. They will also consider two sidewalk requests. Officials with the P-town Cruz’n Car Show have submitted a request for parking restrictions during the event and that will be reviewed by the board members.  They will meet at 6 p.m. ET tonight.

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Lake Maxinkuckee Film Festival to Accept Short Film Entries

High school and college undergraduate student film makers are encouraged to submit short films for the upcoming 10th Annual Lake Maxinkuckee Film Festival.

The theme is “The Gift of Warmth”. Entrants will be separated in two categories: high school students up to age 18 and college undergraduate students up to age 24. Cash awards will be given during the Labor Day Film Festival weekend. Continue reading

Plymouth Man Arrested on Drug Charges

A Plymouth man was arrested Friday afternoon after a search warrant was executed at his home.

Officers with the Plymouth City Police Department and the Marshall County Drug Task Force arrived at 1125 W. Washington Street at 2:10 p.m. ET where Craig Clayton, 48, was taken into custody. He was transported to the Marshall County Jail on preliminary charges of dealing marijuana, possession of marijuana, possession of methamphetamine and maintaining a common nuisance.

Three Complete MRT Program

(L to R) Heather Green Community Corrections MRT Facilitator, Robert Bowen II, Probation Officer Beth Harner, David Schutz, (back row) Probation Officer James Bendy, Community Corrections Director Ward Byers
Scott Lewis

Three people were honored this week after completing Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) through the Marshall County Community Corrections program.

Robert Bowen II and David Schutz were recognized for their successful completion of their community supervision plan. Scott Lewis was also presented his certificate of completion while incarcerated in the Marshall County Jail.

Marshall County Community Corrections is able to provide this program through an Indiana Department of Corrections grant. The organization provides programs such as this to assist clients in reducing their criminal thinking and attitudes in an effort to provide them with the building blocks they need to succeed.

MRT is a cognitive-behavioral counseling program that combines education, group and individual counseling and structured exercises designed to foster moral development in treatment-resistant clients.