Argos Comprehensive Plan Looks to Balance Growth with Small-Town Values

The Town of Argos hopes to fix dilapidated buildings, promote active transportation, and revitalize its downtown, all while maintaining its small-town values over the next decade. The town is putting the finishing touches on its 2030 Comprehensive Plan. It focuses on four core values: encouraging balanced growth, promoting economic prosperity and vitality, enhanced quality of life, and expanding transportation choices. Continue reading

Saint Joseph’s College Alumni Hope to Raise $20 Million, Replace School Officials

Saint Joseph’s College’s abrupt decision to suspend operations at the end of the current semester has alumni scrambling to raise the necessary funds to keep the school open. The Alumni Association Board of Directors is hoping to collect $20 million by April 1 through an effort they’re calling the “Involved for Life Fund.” Continue reading

Plymouth Officials Report Increasing Success in Collecting EMS Bills

The Plymouth Board of Works voted this week to declare some EMS bills from 2012 delinquent and uncollectible, but one member wondered if there’s more the city can do to collect outstanding bills in the future. Jeff Houin noted that some people need a bit more motivation than collection letters and phone calls, before they’ll pay their bills. Continue reading